Floor of Failure

Sometimes I look in the mirror

and you rear your ugly head

I try to pretend you aren’t there

that you don’t exist

Then I trip and fall flat on my face

You are ever-so present

and all I want to do is cry

give up and lie

on the floor of failure

Tonight I’m facing this

monster that paralyzes me

with fear with invisible power

I can’t put my finger on it

The intangible terror is

dancing with you in

my head

My mouth is dry and my

words are gone

What you don’t know, though

is that I just took my

first step

to no longer being under

your thumb.


4 Comments to “Floor of Failure”

  1. Ah, this poem is so raw and real…it reminds me of how I fell down on my driveway of all places a couple of weeks ago, scraping my hand. It felt symbolic, somehow, and your piece captures that feeling. I love the last sentence – it is so hopeful and strong.


    • Thank you so much Michelle! Your words are very kind. This piece is about my fear of failure. More specifically, my fear of writing music. I’m a musician and I have let fear control me for too long. My goal is to turn this into a song. Thank you for the encouragement 🙂


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