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February 10, 2012

Finding God in the Small Stuff

Last night was one of those nights that just makes you feel good and confident in God’s workings in our lives. We started our next series of connection groups at church. We meet at someone’s house once a week in a small group setting and talk about Sunday’s message as it relates to our own lives. I chose to take part in the women’s group during this series of messages and last night was our first gathering. It was simply incredible! We laughed and joked and even cried a little. It was amazing at where God took our conversations. By the end of the discussion it was like we couldn’t be farther from the point of the discussion, yet we were closer to the point than at the beginning.

The questions that started this whirlwind of conversation were; How do we clean out chaff or clutter in our lives that can distract us from where God wants to lead us? and  When we do make an unwise decision, or mess up, how do we let go of that and forgive ourselves so God can make something beautiful from it? We talked about how important it is to see God in everyday life. He is constantly weaving his goodness in and out of our daily lives. He takes our screw-ups and mixes in his goodness and blessings. All of a sudden, something we made a mess of, he makes beautiful. It may not be immediate, but it happens. Even the great things we do, his blessings make them better. The more we are able to see that in our lives and others’, the easier it will be to focus on where God wants us and the less we feel the need to keep trying so hard to be a “perfect” Christian.

So give it a try. Next time you hear a piece of someone’s story, look for God’s blessings in the making. If you see a beautiful sunset, think of God’s hands designing that beauty. Look at the way your dog gets excited when she knows you are taking her for a walk. Look at the cold, blizzardy snow and admire it’s beauty before you grumble about shoveling… or after if you forget 🙂 If you see a friend struggling through a difficult time (or if you going through a difficult time) pray for God’s blessings to shine through. He never abandons us. Eventually, we will appreciate the littlest things as a gift from God. Life is so much more beautiful that way.

On the way home after our connection group, I heard one of my favorite songs by Mumford and Sons “Roll Away Your Stone”. This isn’t a huge surprise, seeing as the CD is in my car right now, but still. I heard the words and thought how well they fit with the day’s theme:

It seems that all my bridges have been burned,
But you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works
It’s not the long walk home that will change this heart,
But the welcome I receive with the restart

Remember God gives us grace minute by minute. We need to implement that practice with ourselves and others — but trust me, I know how hard that can be. Let’s start by finding God in the small stuff.